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At Lizard Global, we don’t simply develop and deliver cutting-edge digital solutions for our clients. As your digital partner, we walk the entire digital transformation journey of your business together, hand-in-hand. This means that, aside from our full-stack service package of digital conceptualization, technical research & consultancy, UI/UX design, custom software development, and CRM integrations, we also provide immersive workshops for our clients to familiarize them with the process of finding the right solution for their problems.

Our workshops are deep-dives into the problems our clients and their target audience are facing and conceptualizing a digital solution that’s tailored to the unique character of their business and its position in the market. We provide our workshops in both digital and in-person sessions, depending on the preference of our clients (and current COVID regulations). Lizard Global’s digital character and our experience with cloud computing ensure that the quality of our online sessions are on the same high-quality level of our physical workshops.

Our collection of workshops consists of the following themes, each with their own unique lessons, assignments and deliverables:

Workshop: Design Thinking

Our Design Thinking workshop is fully focused on the human-centered process of concretizing the problems your business and end-users are facing. As you can read in our blog on design thinking, the concept of empathy plays a central role in the process towards understanding your customers, the problems they’re facing, and defining a fitting solution. The design thinking process consists of the following stages:

  • Empathizing
  • (Market) Research
  • Ideation
  • Scaling down
  • Prototyping & iterative testing

During our Design Thinking Workshops, we follow these phases in order to help our clients define and understand the problems their end-users are facing. Our Design Thinking Workshop is a user-centric creative problem solving process, which we approach in a collaborative manner, together with our client. We do this by the means of several practical group exercises, with the help of our in-house UI/UX specialists. We start with identifying the problem, then we collaboratively create an ideal picture of how this problem can be solved in the future. The final step is to start prototyping solutions that users can test to validate its effectiveness. Because this is a complex process that can’t be tackled in one go, we implement multiple sessions to make sure nothing is overlooked.

design thinking

Workshop: Digital Transformation

Our workshop Digital Transformation is designed to help you and your business grow bigger and better by taking the step from offline to online. No matter if you’re interested in digitally transforming your entire business, or simply digitally optimizing one or more processes within your organization. Together, we take a look at how we can optimize your offline business processes by implementing digital solutions and strategies. In this workshop, we will focus on defining the following elements:

  • Where and how can technology be used in order to achieve strategic business goals?
  • What digital processes can be implemented to fit the needs of the client’s target audience to ensure maximum added value?
  • What technologies are suited for digitizing your business in an optimal way?
digital transformation

Workshop: Digital Product Strategy

During our Digital Product Strategies we dive deeper into the ins and outs of your business and a fitting digital solution during the conceptualization phase. Together with our client, we perform a thorough target audience analysis by the means of a combination between market research and the creation of customer personas. After defining and understanding your target audience and the core problems they’re facing, we will focus on the actual solution and the functionalities and features that are needed to create the best possible solutions for your business. We do this by visualizing the themes and epics that define the eventual digital solution. With these themes and epics, we then create a phased strategy approach and roadmap, based on market trends and principles like Lean Startup.

Besides an in-depth target audience research, the creation of customer personas and visualizing the themes and epic of your digital solution, we also implement the following elements in our Digital Product Strategy workshop:

  • Definition of a continuous Growth Strategy, based on Lean Analytics
  • Implementation of Product KPIs to track the success of your product
  • Creation of a Development Planning
  • Definition of a Digital Architecture by including the technologies proposed in our technical consultancies
digital product

As you can see, our Digital Product Strategy workshop is intertwined with a wide range of Lizard Global services. During these sessions, you’ll get familiar with not only your designated Product Owner and Digital Strategist, but also our UI/UX Specialists and one of our Senior Developers with in-depth knowledge about the right technologies for your digital solutions.

Need a hand?

Are you struggling with identifying your target audience and the concrete problems they’re facing? Or are you interested in taking your business to the next level with a digital transformation? Then perhaps our workshops can provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to grow further. We gladly partner up with you and your team to define, conceptualize and create a digital solution tailored to the unique character of your business. Get in touch with us for more information, and let’s team up!

Frequently asked questions



What workshops does Lizard Global provide?

- Workshop Design Thinking - Workshop Digital Transformation - Workshop Digital Product Strategy


What is a Design Thinking Workshop?

Our Design Thinking Workshop consists of a human-centered creative problem solving process, in which we take our clients along on a journey towards understanding their target audience and the main problems their end-users face. This way, we can work towards conceptualizing a fitting digital solution in the form of prototypes, and test out their viability among end-users.


What is Design Thinking?

Before even trying to comprehend the problem, the concept of design thinking aims to first personally connect with the end-user, in order to empathise with the user and create a stronger sense of understanding the actual problem. Once this connection is made and you’re on the same level, it’s time to take a close look at the problem and turn it into a concrete concept.


What is a Digital Transformation Workshop?

In our Digital Transformation Workshop we go on a search for the right technologies to bring your business processes to the next level. Together, we are going to research what business processes within your organization can benefit from a digital transformation. Once that’s clear, we’re going on a hunt for the right technologies for your business processes.


What does digital transformation mean?

The term digital transformation refers to the shift from offline processes to digital processes in order to optimize these processes and provide a better customer experience. This can be, for example, the use of technologies to automate certain business processes that were previously done manually.


What is a Digital Product Strategy Workshop?

In our Digital Product Strategy Workshop we are diving much deeper into the ins and outs of your digital solution. Now the problem and potential solutions are visualized, we’re going to plan ahead by defining sustainable growth strategies and the digital architecture of your digital solution.


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What is the price of a Lizard Global workshop?

For more information about the pricing of our workshops, get in touch with one of our specialists. They will tell you everything you need to know about the workshop itself, as well as provide you with specific information about the estimated costs of our individual workshops, or multiple workshops in one package.

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