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At Lizard Global, we believe that every industry can benefit from a digital transformation. That’s why we focus on designing and developing digital solutions for over 18 different verticals and counting! One of these verticals is FinTech, or Financial Technologies, which is part of a rapidly growing market of the automation of financial services and processes. Think of the online banking application on your phone, or automated and centralized software systems within financial institutions. The digital transformation of FinTech is blossoming, and we’re at the forefront. Keep on reading to find out more about FinTech at Lizard Global.

The rise of Financial Technologies

The word FinTech comes from the combination of the terms “finance” and “technology” and refers to businesses that use technology to optimize and automate financial processes and services. Think of examples like mobile banking, cryptocurrency, insurance, and investment applications. Although FinTech is a rapidly growing industry, it’s been around for quite some time now. Technology has always played a central role in the world of finance, albeit in different forms. The credit card has been around since the 1950s, and the first ATMs were introduced back in 1969. However, since the rise of the Internet and smartphones, financial applications have skyrocketed, making use of modern technologies such as machine learning algorithms, data science, and blockchain.


Mobile banking forms a core part of the FinTech industry. If you own a smartphone, you probably have a mobile banking app installed on it to easily check your balances, send payment requests, transfer money, and get insights into your spending behavior with visualized analytics, with just a few taps on your screen. An upcoming trend in the mobile banking industry is the so-called “neobank”, which are essentially banks but without any physical locations. All banking processes are done online in a fully digital infrastructure.


InsurTech is defined by the combination of the terms “insurance” and “technology”, and forms its own branch of the FinTech industry. Any kind of technology used by insurance companies to automate/optimize efficiency and other internal processes like customer services are considered InsurTech. From physical product insurance (such as homeowner, car, boat, etc. insurance) to health insurance, the industry is following the digitalization trend of the immense popularity of FinTech. The use of technologies in insurance services can greatly optimize internal insurance procedures, formulas, and much more, saving expenses on both the customer and company sides of the insurance market.

Examples of how InsurTech streamlines its processes are the use of chatbots, that can optimize the customer experience. Or the automation of the entire application, acceptance, payment, and claim processes. With a digital InsurTech platform, you can fix things like your health insurance without talking to a single person or physically signing a single piece of paper.


Although cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are usually seen as an industry on its own, it most certainly has deep connections with the FinTech industry. As cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular, it can be expected that they will become a part of our future financial system. Governments and major financial institutions are keeping a close eye on the cryptocurrency trend, as it provides a heightened sense of security and speeds up business/payment processes.

Apps like, for example, Coinbase make cryptocurrency available to the masses with a user-friendly application. Coinbase is a perfect example of a FinTech company that does a great job of removing the “human” aspect of, for example, ID verification. The market for things like Coinbase will only grow in the coming years.

Investments & Loans

A popular trend in FinTech software is using big data and technology to do risk modeling and analyses related to loans and investments, speeding up contracting and approval processes as well as decreasing the risk of financial setbacks. FinTech is becoming a major player in reshaping Small-Medium Enterprises’ (SME) lending procedures by simplifying the process of connecting financial providers (FP) to SME’s looking for the funds they need in order to expand.

Project: Contract Chain

The Contract Chain application allows organisations to manage, review, and sign contracts in a digital environment. By using blockchain technology, these contracts once reviewed and signed are traceable, transparent and irreversible, making it one of the most secure contract signing tools in the world. In order to make sure all data of internal processes is handled securely, companies need to have all information stored in a so-called processor agreement. This can be done on paper, but companies with a lot of processing agreements tend to struggle with keeping track of all agreements while ensuring that every document is up-to-date. This struggle asked for a sustainable solution which both simplifies the process of managing digital contracts, as well as the optimization of the protection of all user data.

The Contract Chain application and its handling of data runs on blockchain technology, which facilitates the safe verification and handling of data transactions. Because blockchain technology is a decentralized system, it exists between all involved parties and takes over the role of a human intermediary or middleman. The technology behind Contract Chain is a perfect example of a FinTech solution. Financial service processes like signing contracts for loans, investments and payments are becoming much easier and more efficient with the use of automation, and much safer with the use of blockchain technology.

Lizard Global and FinTech

With an already impressive portfolio of FinTech projects, Lizard Global is experienced in creating digital solutions to support the digital transformation of various types of financial institutions and services. Not only does our skilled team know exactly what types of technology can optimize the internal processes of your financial business, we also know that your digital solution needs a solid security system. Applications handling financial business possess a sensitivity regarding the safety of user data, as well as money transfers and more. That’s why we develop apps with security by default and privacy by design. This guarantees the safety of user data that’s embedded in the design of our digital solutions. Our app developers create their code in such a way that it requires the least amount of user data in order to function properly.

Want to know more about our secure solutions? Check out our Security Document.

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