The Client
Aposto is a company that is working on bettering the onboarding, briefing, and knowledge transfer of key safety and event information from event/location to employee. Cathy Long, the primary client, was the Strategic Lead at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Access and Experience. She also was Head of Fan Experience at the Premier League for 15 years. Her inside knowledge of the pains and gaps that temporary employees feel when onboarding for an event triggered her to look for a technical solution to this problem.
The Challenge
Staging/Event Managers struggle to make sure that employees assigned to their events are properly trained and retain the information they are given to ensure a pleasant experience by the guests. Temporary employees are solely given short fact sheets or a verbal briefing when their shift starts. Additionally, Staging/Event Managers are currently unable to clearly define the knowledge needed for employees to create a safe and customer-friendly experience throughout the event. They are, therefore, also unable to make objective promotion decisions based on the employee’s knowledge of the event or stadium and how active they are within the event-day community.
The Solution
Lizard Global created the platform for Staging/Event Managers to clearly identify, disseminate and track knowledge that needs to be transferred to employees. The results of the knowledge prepares employees for their event-day experiences, and helps Managers in hiring/promotion decisions. For employees, the platform helps them understand their jobs and what is expected of them, and to provide applicable feedback about themselves and their event-day experiences, so that they feel more confident and are able to help people on the event day.

Our Involvement

Technical Consultancy
UI/UX Consultancy & Design
Digital Conceptualization
The Aposto application is designed for accurately testing and improving the factual and practical knowledge of employees working in the event-sector, so that they are well-informed and prepared for their next matchday.

Down the line

The Aposto application is designed to offer a playful experience of education. The gamification of certain features within the app aims to greatly improve the engagement of employees with the in-app study material, and with that the overall user experience. Staging/Event Managers can track the knowledge of their employees and provide valuable feedback for future improvements. This way, employees in the event-branche are always well-prepared for their upcoming events.

Aposto Desktop

The Aposto desktop application is built for all modern desktop browsers and supports the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. The desktop platform is meant for Staging/Event Managers to keep track of employees, track their knowledge, and provide feedback for further improvement. This way, employees are prepared for their event-days in an optimized way.
The Aposto mobile application revolves around stimulating users to actively interact with the study material in order to optimize the intake of information. The app’s “Training Center” possesses gamified features, like completion bars, interactive quizzes, and user competitions/rankings in various categories, from accessibility to emergencies and crowd management. This way, Aposto aims to greatly increase the overall learning experience of employees in the event-branche.
In order to improve the smooth course of events during match days, Aposto provides an application for employees to increase their factual and practical knowledge about official procedures during event-days. With gamified features Aposto aims to turn the intake of knowledge into a fun activity to improve the overall learning experience of its users. The desktop application of Aposto provides a platform for Staging/Event Managers to track the knowledge of their employees, and return feedback for further improvement.