The client
Brunott is a Dutch retailer that deals in luxurious, high-end jewellery and watches. Besides a physical store in the heart of Rotterdam and in Capelle, Brunott also owns an online shop:
The challenge
The client of Brunott was facing difficulties in keeping efficient and effective track of their clients’ purchasing behaviour and preferences. They required a centralized database to create an optimized overview for retail employees and managers, saving time and money and providing better customer-centric service.
The solution
By using Salesforce as a CRM system, we were able to automatise and optimise Brunott’s existing digital customer relations. This provided the ability to offer an optimized personalised service, adding significant value to customer experiences. By centralizing and automating the most essential business processes, Brunott’s support-related decision-making is greatly improved.

Our Involvement

Salesforce CRM Integration
Technical Business Consultancy
Digital Marketing Strategy
Retail staff have improved insights in who their customers are, where they come from, and what their preferences are. Managers, on the other side, can use the system and its dashboard to track employee performance and efficiently assist where needed.

Down the line

This project focuses on the extensive use of data science and digital marketing, which enabled Lizard Global to concentrate on customer information in order to digitalise and personalise customer relations, resulting in more process efficiency and increased customer satisfaction along the way.

Salesforce CRM
Lizard Global is an official partner of Salesforce, one of the leading CRM system providers in the world. They provide cutting-edge CRM software solutions for businesses of all sizes. As an official partner of Salesforce since 2019, we helped Brunott with the implementation of Salesforce which allowed for the centralization and automation of their business processes. This included thorough research into Brunott’s existing processes and ideating a fitting CRM solution.
The close collaboration of Brunott and Lizard Global resulted in better use of employee resources, faster service interaction with clients and more market presence through word-of-mouth. The challenge of optimising Brunott’s digital environment was a unique one that Lizard Global took on with success.