CultureMee is the first content platform to help travellers navigate other cultures. It was the winner of the "Best Travel Technology Product"​ at the Global Youth Travel Awards in September 2018 and was announced as the "Ones to watch"​ in Buying Business Travel's Hotlist for 2019.
Market Challenge
Savvy businesses of all sizes are realizing the necessity of breaking into the global marketplace. While taking on global partners or expanding into emerging markets offers many opportunities, it also brings challenges, not the least of which are the cultural differences that arise when doing business outside of your own country. If your company plans to expand into international markets or use global partners, it’s vital that the key participants understand and appreciate the culture of the people with whom they’ll be doing business.
CultureMee has anticipated on this globalization trend by creating a web application where users van easily access a rich source of information regarding all the different cultures of countries across the world. By providing this information to people who conduct business internationally, CultureMee assists in the process of establishing international business success. In order to create a proper understanding of a specific culture, the information is available in different formats, ranging from Culture Videos and Comparative Radar Charts to Culture Consultancy and Laguage Interpreter Services.
Main Functionality
International business people will experience great benefits when using the web application:
  • It enable people to effectively prepare crucial business meetings by taking different cultural aspects into account.
  • The dashboard enhances communication skills by providing relevant information which will help you during your business trip.
  • By understanding a culture better than you did before, you will not only be successful, but also learn how to appreciate a country more which you are visiting