HCS Forms

The client
HCS advises Dutch employers about legislation and employer benefits in the field of social insurance, health insurance, and work absences due to sickness. With different tools, such as Ria and Forms, employers can reduce the costs of having long-term sick employees or employees who are entitled to benefits according to Dutch legislation.
The challenge
HCS partnered up with Lizard Global to create a tool that simplifies the collection and analysis of data from employees and employers. This way, employers are better financially prepared in the case of long-term illness among their employees.
The solution
Lizard Global is specialized in providing our clients with digital solutions that optimize their business processes. Our partnership with HCS resulted in the development of ‘Forms’, a digital platform that provides centralized insight into the data of employees and employers. The platform allows HCS analysts to gather and analyze input from companies and their employees by the means of questionnaires and data insights.

Our Involvement

Digital Conceptualization
UI/UX Consultancy & Design
Custom Software Development
Forms is a digital dashboard designed and developed for HCS analysts to gather and analyze data from companies and their employees.

Down the line

The Forms web application allows HCS analysts to have full control over the insights in companies and their employees by providing them with a centralized digital dashboard.


HCS analysts can make use of the integrated functionality to create personalized questionnaires and send them to employees. Employees receive an email notification with the request to fill in their questionnaire and answers are automatically returned for analysis.
With the Forms web application, HCS analysts can create questionnaires for companies and their employees, and gain insights into the current state of health among employers and employees in order to lower the financial impact in case of long-term illness among employees.