The client
Heineken is a world-famous and age-old Dutch beer brewer, present in more than 190 nations with a broad selection of beers and ciders. Everything they do is focused on achieving two distinct objectives: brewing the best beers in the world and building the best brands in the world. They’re committed to driving innovation, boosting sales, reducing expenses, and investing in their brand for the long term.
The challenge
Have you ever gone to a great party or relaxed in the park with some friends in the company of some beer or wine? Then you’ve probably faced the issue of an empty fridge or cooler at some point. You can’t drive after drinking, it might be raining outside, you can’t leave the party unattended, or the grocery store is too far away. What to do now?
The solution
Together with Heineken Malaysia, Lizard Global created Drinkies: a platform where you can order all sorts of beer, wine, liquor and snacks. With just a couple clicks on your device, your order is delivered to your doorstep and the party can continue. With a mobile bar, music, a bartender on location, and loyalty and reward integrations, the Drinkies app has it all.

Our Involvement

Digital Conceptualization
Technical Business Consultancy
UI/UX Consultancy & Design
Software Development
Drinkies by Heineken is an app that allows customers to order ice-cold drinks and snacks whenever and wherever they want at retail prices.

Down the line

Never worry about an empty fridge or cooler in the middle of a party. Grab your phone, order whatever you need to keep the party going, sit back and relax.
Loyalty & Reward
Drinkies includes a loyalty & rewards platform. This means that users can collect points by ordering from the Drinkies application. For a certain amount of money spent on Drinkies services, users earn points according to their type of membership. With the earned points, users can obtain rewards, such as discounts, free delivery, or free products from the application.
Together with Heineken Malaysia, we created an app that keeps your party going. Never worry about running out of wine, beer, liquor or snacks again, because with the Drinkies application you can quickly, efficiently, and securely order food and drinks from the comfort of the dancefloor. With a few clicks, your order is delivered to your location, and the party can continue.