Perpetual Memorial Park

The client
Perpetual Memorial Park is a memorial park in Malaysia that provides well equipped and hygienic crematoriums and other facilities including Tua Pek Gong Temple, washrooms, restrooms, conference halls, playgrounds, and 24-hour security.
The challenge
Perpetual Memorial Services has the ambition to use digital technologies to grow their business within the current market. The company had different ideas and activities in place in order to use these concepts for better brand awareness and increased conversion with respect to their offered services. Their main problem was the absence of a structured roadmap that could facilitate a phased approach to the growth of its brand.
The solution
Lizard Global partnered up with Perpetual Memorial Services to integrate an E-Commerce CRM with the goal of offering a new digital channel for future sales and starting a multilevel marketing approach. Additionally Lizard Global worked with Perpetual Memorial Services to implement Service Facilitation Software with the goal of disrupting the industry with cutting-edge technology that enhances the funeral service event management and the service selling process in the country.

Our Involvement

Digital Conceptualization
UI/UX Consultancy & Design
Custom Software Development
CRM Integration
Perpetual Memorial Park intends to disrupt the funeral industry by implementing innovative initiatives, such as digitized obituaries. With an optimized CRM and E-commerce system, they can greatly increase their scope and quality of services.

Down the line

With an optimized CRM system, Perpetual can greatly increase the quality of its services, resulting in an enhanced user experience and improved customer satisfaction.
Mobile application
In order to optimize accessibility, Perpetual has a digital solution for multiple devices. The mobile application allows users to quickly and efficiently access the services they need, at any time, from any location.
Guided by our experience in CRM software, we found a solution that is perfectly aligned with the needs of Perpetual’s existing systems and customer base. Our experts had a close look at what services could be optimized and automated, and with our guidance, Perpetual Memorial successfully integrated the software into their business processes.