The Skoon Team is comprised of energy and maritime experts in the field, with an undescribable passion for sustainability and energy transition. They believe in the power that renewable energy is the solution for reducing co2 emissions in both maritime and land-based market.
Market Challenge
As energy supply and demand will be subjected to fluctuations, energy storage has a key role to play. On land, users will rely on decentralized energy. With an increase in local energy generation and temporary use of energy, the Skoonbox will accelerate the energy transition on land. On the water, vessels will take significant steps in the use of renewable energy for operations and propulsion. While maintaining the same level of reliability and price, the Skoonbox will enable the maritime industry to transition to the use of clean energy.
The Skoon Cloud enables clean energy on demand. It provides all software services for large scale deployment of mobile energy. Battery Sharing is done through this online platform, creating the most optimal match between owner and user of energy storage. With access to their battery sharing network, uptime can be increased significantly. With a wide range of potential users and owners, the Skoon Cloud optimizes deployment and return on investment of large batteries.
Main Functionality
To anticipate on this opportunity in the energy market, Skoon Cloud offers a solution for both the Battery Owners and Battery Renters.
  • An optimal match is created between battery owners and battery renters, based on technical parameters and type of usage.
  • The logistics process is completely automated and relieves both user groups with the burden of managing logistics themselves.
  • Real-time monitoring of the battery packs
  • Battery value evaluation to determine the value of second-hand batteries, giving them a second chance in the market to prevent the waste of valuable assets
  • Exportable Sustainability reporting that offers value to companies which require to meet sustainability goals.
Main Functionality
The design of the app focuses on visually sharing the most critical parameters of a rented battery pack.
  • The Energy Manager is able to monitor the health and available power of its battery.
  • Through a low-threshold onboarding process, Energy Managers are able to quickly plugin and use a Skoonbox or Battery Pack.
  • The system detects any issues occurring for the rented energy source, and the app facilitates the help and support process to provide a good and quality support experience.