Transparent umbrella that is used to protect a person from rainy weather
SkyEcho is a company that develops next generation High Definition urban rainfall and storm monitoring software. It does this with higher quality than what is currently available on the market.
Market challenge
Weather is becoming more localized and areas of heavy rain are often right next to areas of very little rain. One block could get a downpour whereas the next block over could stay dry! Being able to foresee flooding problems and forecast which part of a city will stay dry is of significant importance for festival organizers, government emergency services workers, and even day-to-day cyclists and pedestrians commuting to and from work. Currently, other apps are not detailed and reliable enough to provide High Definition weather planning up to an hour into the future.
Together with Lizard Global, SkyEcho was able to design an application to visualize High Definition weather forecasts created by SkyEcho and their detailed weather models. Now, cyclists, pedestrians, festival organizers, and goverment emergency service workers can rely on SkyEcho to provide them with an easy-to-read and High Definition weather forecast.
SkyEcho's main functionality for viewing the forecast per data layerskyEcho's sixty minute forecast design for mobile app
Main functionality
The SkyEcho application provides up-to-the-minute High Definition rain forecasts for the Rotterdam area up to 60 minutes into the future. It provides this forecasting detail down to an area smaller than a city block.