The client
The two-sided marketplace of unlocQed is designed and developed to help our client physicalize their idea of creating a unique Digital Recruitment platform for facilitating the process of job and talent acquisition and onboarding, based on skills, ambitions, and interests, without any biases or prejudices. A mutual interest between job seekers and employees results in sustainable matches and satisfaction in the workplace.
The challenge
Although it seems to slowly improve, the current job market is still affected by gender inequalities and other prejudices. In order to create an equal and fair chance for all job seekers/candidates, unlocQed provides a platform on which employees and employers are brought together, based on criteria like knowledge, skills and qualities. In a world where all industries are transforming digitally, digital recruitment can’t stay behind. Creating a platform that provides equal opportunities and chances for both job seekers and employers can facilitate the entire process from job seeking and interviewing to onboarding, with as result a valuable and viable match.
The solution
Together with Lizard Global, our partners at unlocQed developed a ground-breaking solution for facilitating the establishment of a successful partnership between employer and job-seeker. The two-sided marketplace for job-seekers and employers motivates its users to set up their profiles as detailed as possible in order to achieve the best possible match between both parties. In order to offer an equal amount of job-seekers and job vacancies, the platform needs to be attractive and beneficial for both parties. The platform’s main focus lays on efficiency, effectiveness, and of course a pleasant experience for all employers and job-seekers.

Our Involvement

Business Research
Digital Conceptualisation
UI/UX Design
Software Development
UnlocQed’s main goal is to facilitate an unbiased job or talent acquisition by means of a match-making system, based on personality, knowledge, skills, ambitions, and qualities of its users.

Down the line

Because unlocQed focuses on the qualities, skills, interests, and knowledge of its users, we focused on providing enough features for users to showcase themselves and their talents in an optimal way.


To facilitate the job and candidate searching process, unlocQed focuses on a pleasant user-friendly interaction within the platform by means of interactivity. The primary interactive features consist of a profile completion bar, which stimulates its users to fill in their profile as detailed as possible. The platform even provides an option to make a personalized video pitch, which increases the chance of achieving a viable match.
Sustainable and efficient
Because all initial communication between users happens through the platform, there’s no pollution coming from unnecessary car rides to job interviews. Next to that, these job interviews tend to be uncertain and quite often a waste of time and effort. With unlocQed, you skip this uncertainty, waste of time, effort, and CO2 emission, and only start the application process when both parties are interested.
UnlocQed and Lizard Global value an unbiased and equal treatment for all its users and provide a way to meet potential new employees or jobs based on knowledge, skills, qualities and aspirations. This way, the chances of a successful collaboration are much higher than the regular ways of job acquisitions.